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Hi! Thanks for taking an interest in our company.  Alzheimer’s wandering may not be “sexy” or “hip” when it comes to the world of tech, but it is a major problem and only will increase with the number of Alzheimer’s patients doubling in the next four years. 

Our Story


MendUX, Inc. is the brainchild of Erika Harvey. Erika was a nurse with over sixteen years experience in caring for this demographic. In 2012, her husband passed away due to complications that arose from poorly designed EHR system, shortly after that she sat with a former patients family waiting on news about their mother who had Alzheimer’s and wandered from the facility. 

The outcome was not positive.

So, Erika decided to see what new technology was out there to prevent both what occurred to her husband and her patient. What she found was a lot of medical startups but not a lot of medical startups that had real-life bedside caregiving assistance making the design decisions. 



After spending the next four years learning how to program in three full stacks, she apprenticed under a UX director and learned how to build hardware.  

She decided her calling was to provide patient advocacy through technology and built the first proof of science of the device that prevents Alzheimer’s patients from wandering.   

Founders Institute

With 55 companies enrolled Erika’s dream started to take shape competing in the Founders Institute’s Silicon Valley Accelerator led by Adeo Ressi. 

There were five companies left standing after the rigorous Bootcamp and MendUX was proudly one of them. 


2017- present

Xlerate health has chosen us as part of their sixth cohort

See the story here 

New Additions to our family:

Jeff Palmer as CTO 

Hefley Rowe as VP of Engineering.


Awards and Recognition

  • MendUX named one of the top IOT health companies in the founder X world wide program
  • MendUX and Erika named an Intel Innovation Editors Pick
  • MendUX wins the San Francisco East Bay hardware massive pitch qualifying round allowing MendUX to present their device on the main stage at HardwareCon17.
  • MendUX accepted into the Alpha Competition at Collision ’18
  • MendUX nominated for Best Startup by


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Erika Harvey

Erika Harvey

CEO/Founder /Nurse

Nurse with over sixteen years working with cognitively impaired patients by the bedside, as a nursing instructor and elder care facility administrator. She can be reached at

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