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We are a group of professionals that have in one way or another been affected by Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Parkinson’s related Dementia. It is because of our experiences with caregiving that we started this company

Combining The Art of Caregiving With The Science of Technology

There is an art that goes along with caregiving. It is the ability to sense when things are not right, things that have no definitive quantifiable measurement, but you just know something is up. 

Then there is the science of technology and predictive analytics and logical reasoning that make up the other side of care. 

We’ve taken the art and combined it with the science to bring about a solution that is the outcome of years of observation and technological advancement. 

Erika Harvey

Erika Harvey

CEO/Founder /Nurse

Erika is a nurse with over sixteen years experience. She has worked as a trauma nurse, nurse educator, nursing instructor, assisted living administrator and has consulted with several medical startups as their domain expert. She began this company after spending twenty four hours with the family of a former patient while they waited on word of their mother who had wandered away from the facility. When there was no happy reunion, she started looking into what options were out there but did not find anything that worked to prevent the incidents as well as help to provide some peace of mind for the caregivers.
She lives in the silicon valley and has recently moved back in to her childhood home to provide care to her father who is suffering from Parkinsons.
Jeffrey Palmer

Jeffrey Palmer


Jeff is a former caregiver for developmentally disabled children who found his way first into documentary film making before finding his inner nerd and embracing it by becoming a software developer.
Jeff is the primary caregiver for a relative who has early stage Alzheimer’s making this more than just a job , but something he is passionate about. Jeff is a rarity due to his ability to bridge the span between the business and the tech world.

Our Team

Erika Harvey

Erika Harvey

CEO/Founder /Nurse

Nurse with over sixteen years working with cognitively impaired patients by the bedside, as a nursing instructor and elder care facility administrator. She can be reached at erika@mendux.com

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