You Won’t Wonder When They Wander.

Through the use of proprietary sensors and algorithms, we provide your facility staff with the tool to monitor patients behaviors and prevent the wandering behavior.

Have $100,000 dollars to spare? We didn't think so!

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Remain In Compliance

Medicare’s new recommendations place wandering with falls as one of the markers for reimbursement and facility evaluations. Keep compliant by having a proactive preventative tool in place.

Lower Your Liability Costs

Help decrease your liability premiums by establishing a proactive wandering management solution that doesn’t break your budget to implement.

Reduce Staff Turnover

It can cost upwards of sixty thousand dollars to replace one of your important caregivers. Helping to reduce caregiver stress is a proven way to lower turnover and keep staff morale upbeat.

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Webinars For Your Facility Administration, Your Staff, And Your Residents Loved Ones

Please enjoy the free webinars for you and your staff explaining the new regulations and educational information on how to care for those with dementia and other cognitive impairments for free. Just sign up below!

Caring For The Dementia Patient

Section 1:

  • Types of Dementia
  • Treatments and Care Plans
  • Communication strategy for patient and family interactions

Caring For A Loved One

Topics discussed :

  • Caregiver guilt
  • Polypharmacy
  • Patient Advocacy
  • What to watch out for
  • How to support staff in giving the best care

How To Stay Compliant


  • What are the new recommendations
  • How do they affect your facility
  • How to use these to your marketing advantage

We Need Help On Our Floors

I care about my residents.  I have been working at the same residential care facility for the last ten years and have survived through different companies running it because I care about my family and that is what they are to me.  But, I can’t continue to do so with the staffing and the acuity levels being the way they are. We need another set of eyes , we can’t keep track of everyone with everything else we’ve got to do. - Cathy Harris - patient care tech

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